White Bear Lake Blend

White Bear Lake Blend

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12oz. whole bean coffee

In Mrs. Carl T. Thayer’s book Indian Legends of Minnesota, she writes of the origin of the name White Bear Lake:

"It is said that a Sioux maiden fell in love with a Chippewa brave. She, the daughter of the Chief, on learning that her father planned war against the Chippewa, ran to her lover and warned him. The brave went alone into the Sioux village to ask for peace and the hand of the maiden. Before the Chief would agree, the Chippewa would have to do a brave deed."

"The lovers usually met on Manitou Island. One day, as the brave approached the Island, anticipating a meeting with his beloved, he saw, to his horror, a great white bear attacking her. He dashed to her rescue. Freed, she ran to get help from her father and the other Sioux. Returning, they saw the brave sink his knife into the bear. But too late, they both fell to the ground dead. Slowly, as they watched, the spirits of the brave and the bear rose from their prone bodies. It is said that even today, as night falls, the spirits of the bear and the brave wander the Island eternally in search of each other.”

This is a delightfully full-bodied and rich blend of a honey processed Brazil and a washed process Colombia. Roasted just slightly past medium to bring out notes of sweet chocolate and caramel with hints of apricot and orange. Extremely well balanced with very low acidity makes this a great coffee for cold White Bear Lake mornings or as cold brew for the hot and humid afternoons in the too short Minnesota summers.

Creamy and rich with hints of chocolate, caramel and citrus.