Tatertot Hotdish Comfort Blend

Tatertot Hotdish Comfort Blend

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12oz. whole bean coffee


Unless you're my wife, there's nothing more comforting than a pan of homemade tatertot hotdish right from the oven after a long day. This blend of coffee is a representation of that feeling in a mug.

A blend serves its purpose by balancing flavors to achieve a desired effect. This blend was developed to be a truly comforting experience - almost failure. Sweet, rich, full bodied without a lot of acidity - and it takes on milk and sugar extremely well. While the individual components may change over time, currently this consists of a chocolatey Colombia, a honey processed bean from Mexico and a little natural Brazil for some extra body. Roasted a bit past medium to bring out cocoa and raw sugar notes. A perfect daily drinker and also works really well as espresso for lattes.

Flavor notes:
Chocolate, honey, raw sugar and orange peel.

Recommended brew method:
French press