Mystic Trip 2023 Blend

Mystic Trip 2023 Blend

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10oz. whole bean coffee

What do you get when you combine multiple insanely fruit-forward Ethiopian coffees in a single bag? You get a Mystic Trip! This is an ever evolving blend of a variety of washed and natural coffees from Ethiopia. Each one bursting with fruit and floral flavors that will elevate your mind.

Current blend components:
- Sidama Bombe Daniso Horsa Natural
- Yirgacheffe Gedeb Konga Natural
- Sidama Bensa Keramo Washed
- Shantawene Buncho Washed
- Wush Wush Washed

Flavor notes:
Blueberry, watermelon, strawberry, peach, and jasmine. Juicy with milk chocolate notes and bright acidity.

Roast level:

Recommended brew method:
Any pour over method will be mind blowing!

Recommended water temp:
202-204°C (395-399°F)
Higher than normal to bring out the natural fruit flavors in such a light roast.

Suggested listening:
"It's A Mystic Trip" Robyn Hitchcock