Honey Espresso

Honey Espresso

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10oz. whole bean coffee

Honey processed coffee falls right in the middle of Washed and Natural processed coffees in terms of overall flavor and texture. The part of the coffee cherry that is left on the bean as it is processed imparts fruity flavors and sweetness into the coffee. This is a blend of three amazing honey processed coffees:

  1. Nicaragua Erick Lopez Honey Java
  2. Java Bondowoso Dawuhan Honey
  3. Colombia Santa Mónica Honey

Roasted primary for espresso (slower through the middle part of the roast to help develop sugars and body), this coffee can be enjoyed in brew method, but really shines as espresso.

Rich, sweet and creamy. Notes of brown sugar, cocoa, ripe cherry, almond, raw honey and caramel.

Processing method
Honey (Honey process is a method in which coffee cherries are picked and sorted, have their skins and pulps removed like other types of coffee—but are then dried without washing off the sticky-sweet outer layer of the fruit.)