Honduras Santa Lucia Reserve

Honduras Santa Lucia Reserve

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10oz. whole bean coffee

Owned and operated by Raul Rodriguez, Finca Santa Lucia is his bread and butter family farm. Raul is the grandfather to De La Finca’s founder, Nelson Amador. He’s a third generation coffee producer who was raised on Finca Santa Lucia and inherited it from his father, Don Ermenegildo Rodriguez. Now that’s the legacy of a farmer who produces a gold standard!

The majority of Finca Santa Lucia’s best cherries are processed and sorted for De La Finca’s “Family” lot, but the very best ones are processed separately for this “Reserve” lot. This coffee is rich, bold and buttery with a touch of complexity and just a dab of bite. Smooth but not too smooth, there’s just enough kick to make it perfect for cutting through milk in a latte or for folks who prefer a bit of cream and sugar in their daily cup.

Subtle sweetness with rich dark chocolate and walnuts followed by maple syrup and just a touch of nectarine.

Processing method
Fully Washed -
The coffee cherry is picked ripe and then put into a freshwater tank for 24 to 72 hours. They are then sent through a machine called a de-pulper to remove most of the skin and fleshy parts of the fruit. After being de-pulped, they’re spread out to dry on various surfaces. This processing method of coffee focuses entirely on the bean. Since the flesh has been removed, there is nothing else to influence the final flavor of the coffee unlike "natural processed" coffee, where the flesh of the cherry is left on while drying in order to impart more fruity, vibrant flavors into the bean as it dries. Washed processed coffees tend to be the "cleanest" tasting coffee.