Honduras 18 Rabbit Black Honey

Honduras 18 Rabbit Black Honey

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12oz. whole bean coffee

18 Rabbit farm is owned by Senora Flhor, her mother, and 11 other members of her immediate and extended family. The farm won the Honduras Cup of Excellence in 2014, and her coffee auctioned for over $35/lb. Flhor and her family are paid over 300% higher wages than Fair Trade, as a reward for their exceptional organic coffee production practices.

"Black Honey" processing means the coffee cherry is left on the bean as it is laid out to be dried and the color refers to how much of the fruit mucilage remains as it dries. Doing this transfers flavors from the cherry and from the fermentation process into the bean durning the drying process. The results of this creates a uniquely sweet chocolate taste with strong undertones of sugar cane and a fruity finish. Other notes include: green apple, caramel and pear.

Roast level:

Processing method:
Black honey

Suggested brew method:
French press

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Tamar Aphek 'All Bets Are Off'