Half Decaf Blend

Half Decaf Blend

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12oz. whole bean half decaffeinated coffee

Sometimes you need your coffee fix but want less caffeine. You shouldn't have to sacrifice taste for reduced caffeine in your cup. "Death Before Decaf!" This is a common exclamation in the coffee world where decaf has had a less than stellar reputation. However, there ARE some really, really good decaffeinated coffees out there worth trying. This blend is a mix of a great decaf bean from Indonesia and a couple of delicious  coffees from Mexico and Ethiopia.

The decaf is from Bali (no, it's not the cat poop coffee) and is decaffeinated naturally using the Swiss Water Process. On it's own it's a super smooth, chocolatey bean with an incredibly rich body. A honey processed bean from Mexico is also in the mix. From La Laja, a family farming and milling group in Veracruz, Mexico that was started in 1920, the La Laja Honey component is super sweet with a mild orange citric acidity, chocolate and sugar cane flavor profile. Rounding out the blend is fruity natural Ethiopia from the Yirgacheffe region - Misty Valley. This adds hints of strawberry, blueberry and lemony brightness.

This is the perfect after dinner coffee that won't keep you up too late, unless you make another pot ;)

Flavor notes:
Smooth, full body - chocolate, honey, strawberry, orange and oatmeal cookies.

Roast level:
Solid medium

Recommended brew method:
Automatic drip brewer

Suggested listening:
"Conversations With Business People" Bong Wish