Cuckoo House Blend

Cuckoo House Blend

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12oz. whole bean coffee

There's really nothing cuckoo about this blend - it's delicious.

The first and dominant component is a honey processed bean from La Laja - a family farming and milling group in Veracruz, Mexico. After harvesting, the coffee was dried slowly on covered raised beds for 20 days. This process brings out a bright orange citric acidity along with chocolate and sugar cane flavors, and a big creamy body.

The second component is a natural Ethiopia Guji from the Kayon Mountain farm in the Oromia Region. Grown at a high altitude and in the shade of indigenous trees this coffee is full of dark chocolate, peach and nectarine notes.

The third component is a small portion of a Sumatra bean with a unique hybrid honey and wet-hulled process. This bean provides a heavy body and complex sweetness.

Flavor notes:
Full body, bright orange citric acidity, chocolate, sugar cane, peach and hints of nectarine.

Roast level:
Solid medium

Suggested brew method:
Whatever you want - this one is very versatile!

Suggested listening:
"Cuckoo" by Still Corners