Colombia La Plata Natural

Colombia La Plata Natural

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10oz. whole bean coffee

This coffee comes from two farms in La Plata, Huila: Finca Los Girasoles and Finca Tierra Verde, each situated just under 2,000 MASL. Each of these farms dipped their feet into the specialty coffee world in 2015, planting variety-specific plots, and experimenting with post-harvest processing techniques.

This coffee went through carbonic maceration fermentation for 12-18 hours, giving the cup lively acidity and fruitiness. After the fermentation, the coffee was pre-dried in direct sun before being moved to canopies where it was dried for 35 days. This slow drying is ideal for maintaining cup quality during transit and storage.

Light acidity and medium body with notes of cantaloupe, pineapple, rum, and cacao nibs.