Colombia Finca La Riviera Pink Bourbon

Colombia Finca La Riviera Pink Bourbon

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10oz. whole bean coffee

Finca La Riviera is a farm of experiences and sensations. It was selected as a producer of one of the best exotic coffees in Colombia. Finca La Riviera is a mixture of talents for the selection of the best beans, the respect and assurance of each process, as well as the commitment to bring to the table, a unique cup of coffee with aromas and flavors that express in the palate all the complexity, the beauty of the landscape and the coffee culture.

This single variety microlot from La Riviera is tailor made for summertime. It's zesty, vibrant and refreshing with a super clean finish and gentle sweetness. Perfect for cold brew coffee!

Refreshing and light with notes of ripe ruby grapefruit, raspberry, guava and pink lemonade.

Processing method
Washed - 
The coffee cheery is picked ripe and fermented for 18 hours then fully washed in a freshwater tank for 24 to 72 hours. They are then sent through a machine called a de-pulper to remove most of the skin and fleshy parts of the fruit. After being de-pulped, they’re spread out to dry in the sun on raised beds. This processing method of coffee focuses entirely on the bean. Since the flesh has been removed, there is nothing else to influence the final flavor of the coffee unlike "natural processed" coffee, where the flesh of the cherry is left on while drying in order to impart more fruity, vibrant flavors into the bean as it dries. Washed processed coffees tend to be the "cleanest" tasting coffee.