Cuckoo BLACK

Cuckoo BLACK

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12oz. whole bean coffee

Many have asked for this, so here you go - CUCKOO BLACK! A dark roast blend that we are happy with. This is for those that love the bold, rich, smoky flavors in their coffee. Our dark roast may still not be as dark as you are used to as we still want the natural flavors inherent in the coffee to come through. Roasted just until the surface of the beans become slightly shiny without being "oily" is as far as Cuckoo will go with our roasts. Once you push oil to the surface of the beans you risk the chance of the coffee going rancid as air hits the beans.

The individual components of this blend were carefully chosen to include a balance of flavors that work well at this level of darkness. The origins will change over time, but will always taste rich and robust.

Flavor notes:
Dark chocolate, roasty smoke, brown sugar, burnt caramel and hints of fruity acidity.

Recommended brew method:
Drip brewer

Recommended listening:
The Raveonettes "Black/White"