Zambia Mafinga

Zambia Mafinga

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10oz. whole bean coffee


"Mafinga" means the highest point in Zambia, and this is where this coffee comes from, very close to Kasama town, in Zambia's Northern Province. This is a yeast process coffee, where special yeasts are added to affect fermentation and hopefully affect flavor. Yeast process coffees are usually fermented in an air tight environment like barrels, a process also referred to as anaerobic. This type of processing has had quite an impact on this coffee's cup profile, lending wilder fruits, and even wine-like flavors to the mix.

Flavor notes:
The dry grounds have wild fruit accents, apple cider vinegar, and kefir. The cup has unique fermented fruit flavors that are built up on a nice sweet base and is moderately acidic. Hints of star fruit, pine and cedar aromatic wood notes. This is definitely a wild one!

Roast level:
Almost medium