Yemen Mocca Hawari

Yemen Mocca Hawari

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8 oz. whole bean coffee



"The best traditional dry-processed coffees of Yemen and Harrar have attained a near-mythical status among older generations of specialty buyers. Mythical for the recalled quality as much as the fact that, for the most part these days, they are nearly impossible to find. War, drought, and the passing of several key players has relegated these coffees to the dustbin of history, to be sniffed at and disregarded by those currently in the know, or so we are told. And yet, even amidst upheaval, coffee continues to be produced. And while much of it isn’t anything special anymore, there is the odd lot which arrives so resplendent with the dark fruits and spices of yesteryear that to not sing its praises would be to disrespect nearly everything that has come before us."

Some call Yemen the birthplace of coffee, as opposed to Ethiopia. Either way, coffee has an incredibly rich history in the country. And this coffee is special. Practically exploding with blueberry, black cherry, fig and date. This is natural processing as it was meant to be. This is desert coffee, dried in such low humidity conditions that fermented, acidic flavors never have the chance to develop in the first place. Milled and exported by a woman, Fatoum Muslot, from a country in which women are too often marginalized, this is a soft and sweet, fruited gem of a coffee with grape/blueberry fruit notes. Fantastic!