Tanzania Korongo Peaberry

Tanzania Korongo Peaberry

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10oz. whole bean coffee


The Korongo blend (named for the Swahili word for flamingo) comes from a network of washing stations across Mbozi, Mbeya & Mbinga, in Tanzania’s Southern Highlands. Selected by QC teams in Tanzania, Korongo showcases Tanzania’s true potential, and displays the best of Tanzanian flavor profiles with a full body, pronounced sweetness, and prominent acidity.

The coffee cherries are hand-harvested and each farmer process cherry on their own farms, so individual processing methods vary from farm to farm. The coffee is then pulped using either an eco-pulper or standard pulper and then fermented. Following fermentation, it is dried on raised beds for 14-20 days. Once dry, the coffee sits for 2-3 months in cooperative warehouses before being transferred to mills in either Mbozi or Mbinga, districts in Southern Tanzania, to be prepared for export.

Super creamy body and sweet! Ripe red fruit, hazelnut, and butterscotch.

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