Sumatra Lintong Kardon
Sumatra Lintong Kardon

Sumatra Lintong Kardon

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12 oz. whole bean coffee

Lintong refers to a specific area to the south of Sumatra’s Lake Toba. This region has the highest coffee-growing altitudes in North Sumatra. Apart from Dutch plantations in Aceh, this was where specialty coffee came first in Sumatra. Kardon is a young guy (in his 30s), who took over the coffee business after his parents retired in 2015.

Slight Earthy flavors, good sweetness, no bitterness, nice lingering flavor, really satisfying and full of body. Flavors include: Caramel, green apple, milk chocolate, peach, Plum wine, and hints of vanilla.

Roast level:
Slightly past medium, almost dark.