Sumatra Boru Batak

Sumatra Boru Batak

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12oz whole bean coffee

Sumatra coffee is know for dark roasts. That big coffee chain, you know the one, loves burning Sumatra beans! Coffee from Sumatra is known for low acidity and lots of body - this one has a massive syrupy body and little to no acidity at all. Some Sumatra beans can be a little "funky" due to the nature of how it's been produced. This one is triple-picked and considered the highest grade, which means the raw beans are extremely clean with hardly any defects. All of this means a super clean coffee! Roasted past medium and into the dark range without burning or imparting a ton of "roast flavors," I taste milk chocolate, dates and molasses with very subtle blueberry and citrus notes. This is a great single origin espresso bean. Grind it a bit coarser and lower your water temp a bit and it will be life changing! 

Roast level:
Dark, but not burnt

Processing method:

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Tamaryn 'The Waves'