PNG Timuza

PNG Timuza

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10oz. whole bean coffee

Most of the time coffee from Papua New Guinea (also known as PNG) often goes unnoticed. Maybe it just feels out of place to look for clean washed coffees in a region of the world known for producing bold, punchy wet-hulled coffees. But the truth is that at its best, PNG coffee feels like it got to pick and choose the best attributes from several coffee regions and created a blend all in one bean. Pair the terroir of the Pacific Islands with fully washed processing and you can get a result that may astonish you!

This organic Grade A offering from the award winning Timuza Cooperative is a stunner! It's like a liquid brownie! It’s got huge chocolatey body paired with a syrupy texture and very mild acidity. Notes of dark chocolate, butterscotch and dried orange follow with a lingering warm, yet clean finish. As a single origin espresso it shines as a “chocolate bomb” that would be right at home supporting an indulgent mocha-style latte.

Chocolate fudge! Smooth and syrupy with low acidity. GREAT as espresso or an indulgent French Press.