PINK Espresso!

PINK Espresso!

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12oz. whole bean coffee


Luscious. Full bodied. Plus hints of pink lemonade and exotic florals! This is our normal, slow-roasted espresso blend with a small amount of an incredible Colombia cold fermented Pink Bourbon from Finca Monteblanco in Huila, Colombia. Adding a small amount of this exotic bean to the espresso blend takes it to the next level. The overall flavor is still rich and luxurious, but there is a subtle hint of something wild in the cup - especially when the coffee cools a bit. It's a post-roast blend, which means each component is roasted separately and blended while packaging. The Pink Bourbon is a lighter roast than the espresso, so you will notice a slight variation in the color of the beans.

Full body, sweet, chocolatey and fruity with hints of bittersweet dark cocoa and a splash of pink lemonade and floral notes.