Peru La Palta Medium Roast

Peru La Palta Medium Roast

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12oz. whole bean coffee


This coffee was harvested by Alejandro Condeso Coello, who processed this micro-lot on his 2.5-acre farm called la Palta located in the community of Las Mercedes near San Ignacio in the Cajamarca region. Alejandro has his own micro-mill where carefully harvested cherries are depulped, fermented, washed to remove the mucilage, and then gently dried on raised beds over a period of 18 days. While Alejandro has designed farm management and post-harvest solutions to fit his needs, he also has a strong alliance with Aroma del Valle, which takes his coffee to the international market where it earns a fair price. Alejandro has been able to pay for his three children to attend school with the money earned from coffee.

Caramel sweetness with hints of fruit and floral notes. Noticeable acidity and a creamy body.

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