Papua New Guinea Arakara

Papua New Guinea Arakara

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10oz. whole bean coffee


Papua New Guinea coffees are known for their complex acidity and bountiful variety due to cultural and topographical diversity - few of the plantations are large, and most happen to be small plots. Processing methods are constantly being updated to ensure the best coffee year after year.

This specific Arakara AA hails from the Arokara Cooperative, a partner of plantations in the Eastern Highlands of Papua, New Guinea. Recently, the plantations have been transferred to the original owners who believe in a chemical-free production process. The coffee’s cherry is hand-picked by the clan, immediately pulped, and fermented in cement vats for three days. Then, the coffee is washed with the Aru River’s water and sun-dried for seven to twelve days.

Flavor notes:
Fruity with a sweet floral aroma. Hints of dark chocolate and plum with creamy body, winy acidity.

Roast level: