Panama La Esmeralda Gesha
Panama La Esmeralda Gesha

Panama La Esmeralda Gesha

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PREORDER - Delivers Jan. 2, 2021

8oz. bag of amazing whole bean coffee

Some coffee you just drink as a routine or to help wake you up. This is not one of those coffees.

The Gesha variety of coffee has an elevated status in the specialty coffee universe. Named from its origin in Ethiopia, the Gori Gesha forest, Gesha is a varietal that has a distinctive, flowery and fruit-like flavor that can vary depending on the origin. Here's a great description I came across: 

"It is like a precious perfume, with rose, jasmine, and bergamot notes. In the cup, it has an amazing array of delicate flavors with an unusual lingering aftertaste. You might taste lime, honeysuckle, papaya – it’s always incredibly fruit-forward." - Willem Boot, Boot Coffee

In this coffee, you will experience floral peach and jasmine aroma, brown sugar with top notes of orange marmalade, honey tangerine, apricot juice, dried green apple and lychee. This is truly a show stopper.

I would highly recommend a manual brew process for this coffee. Consider a Chemex or v60 for the most flavorful cup. For the truly adventurous, you might want to try as a long espresso shot - an Allongé or Lungo. It's a shot of espresso that you run more than twice as long so it extracts much more from the coffee and provides an intense complexity. To take your indulgence even further, get yourself a Decent Espresso Machine and try the Rao Allongé shot profile - it will blow your mind!

Due to such a limited supply, I'm doing a preorder for this one. This helps me plan out my roasts and prevents a lot of smaller roasts. Coffee like this roasts better as larger batches. More coffee mass in the roaster helps create a more even roast. The plan is to roast all bags on Sunday, December 27th and to start shipping and deliveries on Saturday, January 2nd 2021*. This will give the coffee enough time to rest and fully develop its flavor so you can enjoy it as soon as it arrives.

* Any additional coffee ordered with this preorder will not ship until January 2, 2021. If you want additional coffee, please place a separate order.