New Year's Pineapple 5oz

New Year's Pineapple 5oz

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5oz. whole bean stocking stuffer


For more than 300 years, residents of White Bear Lake have been spending the early hours of every New Year searching for the elusive New Year's Pineapple. History says this originated by early settlers from Hawaii playing a joke on the towns mayor. They said there was a special pineapple hidden in a field that, when found before 9am on January 1st, will grant the finder with enormous riches and health. In actuality, it was a ploy to keep the city officials and law enforcement busy while the sneaky Hawaiians ransacked the city coffers and moved on the the next town. It doesn't seem like this would result in becoming a cherished tradition, but it is White Bear Lake, and it's residents are keeping the faith that the New Year's Pineapple will, someday, be found.

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