Mexico la Pluma Lachao (organic)

Mexico la Pluma Lachao (organic)

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16oz. whole bean coffee

Joaquin Santana is head of UNECAFE – Unidad Ecogica para El Sector Cafe Oaxaquenos, a 48 member group of coffee growers near Oaxaca, Mexico. With aggressive organic practices, constant pruning, and the continual investment in new coffee trees, UNECAFE is producing some amazing coffee lots in this region of Mexico. This is the home to the coffee that made Mexico famous. La Pluma Hidalgo is a region within Sierra Sur, and the namesake for the La Pluma coffee varietal (a type of typica). In La Pluma there is pride that comes with planting this specific varietal.

Grown at 6,000 ft. above sea level in the shade of natural vegetation, this fully washed coffee shines with flavors of white peach, mandarin orange, milk chocolate and almonds. Expect a silky body, light acidity and a lingering natural sweetness especially as the cup cools. This is a terrific everyday coffee!

Roast level:
Solid medium

Processing method:
Fully washed

Recommended brew method:
Standard drip brewer

Suggested listening:
"Delicadeza" - Mint Field