Kenya Konyu

Kenya Konyu

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14 oz. whole bean coffee

Kenya is known for some of the most meticulous coffee processing anywhere in the world. With an ample supply of fresh, cold mountain water to rinse and soak the beans many times for a super clean, flavorful cup.

From high up in the southern foothills of Mount Kenya on rich red volcanic soil, the areas surrounding the Konyu processing mill are ideal for producing some of the finest Kenyan coffee. Farmers in these fertile foothills typically harvest from about 250 coffee trees on half-acre lots and deliver their coffee cherries to the Konyu mill for processing.

So far my favorite brew method with this one is the Clever Dripper. Ratio - 1:18 (25g coffee/450g water at 198°F). I've been grinding a little coarser with this one, I'm at a 48 on the Niche Zero grinder dial. And because this is a relatively lighter roast, you will benefit from a higher water temp when brewing as espresso - I'd recommend 206-208°F. Your goal flavors as espresso are a heavy black cherry syrup sweetness, bright juicy plum, and a chocolate fudge aftertaste. Yum!

Flavor notes:
Zesty Ruby Red Grapefruit acidity, honey-like sweetness, notes of kiwi and dried raspberry, and a fragrant aromatic of fresh cedar.