Honduras Finca La Esmeralda 72hour Anaerobic Natural

Honduras Finca La Esmeralda 72hour Anaerobic Natural

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8oz. whole bean coffee


A super special direct trade microlot from De La Finca’s newest project farm in the Comayagua region of Honduras. The idea behind their expansion with this farm is to represent the little-known area of La Sampedrana. The region is perfect for coffee cultivation with its high altitude, volcanic soil and rich culture. They’re also focusing their efforts on more experimental processing of specialty coffee lots and want more quality control and consistency on a larger scale.

Processing Method
The coffee cherries are first fermented in grainpro bags, then transferred to fermentation barrels, where they're anaerobically fermented for a total of 72 hours. Lastly, they're dried on raised African style raised beds.

Sweet, fruity and just a little wild! Raspberry, blackberry jam, melon, red currant, lime and a finish of rich cocoa powder.