Honduras Fidelina Pérez

Honduras Fidelina Pérez

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16oz whole bean coffee

"Fidelina Pérez has a two-acre farm called El Rincon in the community of Casas Quemadas where she lives with her husband and four children. For the last several years she has improved her farm management practices using lime to control the pH of the soil, fertilizing with organic compost, and spraying organic fungicides to control levels of leaf rust. These actions have improved the health of her farm and the quality of her coffee production."

A fully washed coffee after pulping and fermenting, then dried on raised beds under solar canopy. This is a super sweet coffee, loaded with vanilla, honey, and brown sugar notes, with notes of grape and raisin, orange blossom and lemon-lime zip. It's full of complexity and nuance, but equally enjoyable as a balanced and delicious morning brew. A rare coffee that elegantly bridges the gap between being sophisticated enough for those manual pourover geeks and a chuggable drink.

Roast level:

Processing method:
Fully Washed

Recommended brew method:
Clever Dripper

Recommended listening:
"Riot" Bluespell