Guatemala Zamora Bourbon

Guatemala Zamora Bourbon

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12oz. whole bean coffee


"This is a traditional washed coffee from Antigua, Guatemala, produced by Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora at Bella Vista; it is a single Bourbon cultivar selection. Under the shadow of the smoldering peaks of Volcán de Fuego and Volcán de Agua, the Bella Vista mill evokes a calm sense of order and precision amidst the chaos and power of nature. While the classic Antigua profile is often very clean, it’s also not often all that exciting. However, this one stands out on its own as a uniquely sweet example of the very best of Guatemala coffee!"

This coffee effortlessly sweet and easy to drink. It has a balanced acidity with hints of lemon & orange citrus notes, apple, and some stone fruits like peach and cherry. Anchored by a chocolatey structure and hints of mild black tea and a slight florality to the cup as it cools.

Roast Level
Light end of medium