Flores Bajawa

Flores Bajawa

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10oz. whole bean coffee

This coffee is from family owned farms located on the slopes of the Inerie volcano in the Ngada regency of Flores, one of the big islands in the Lesser Sunda archipelago of Indonesia. The country was given the name "Coba da Flores" by the Portuguese when they discovered it in the 15th century because of the colorful coral heads around the island. Well, the Portuguese are gone, but the name stayed. Over the last decade, a growing number of farmer groups have pooled resources to improve upon processing coffee using wet-hulling techniques (called “Ngura” in the Bajawan language) similar to those found in Sumatra. Attention to detail is exquisite, reflected in the ripe cherry selection, raised bed drying, and hand sorting done three times before export.

Coffee from Flores typically are very low in acidity, with rich body and a cup that is very, very smooth. Overall, this is a mellow, rich, sweet coffee that compares well to coffee from Papua New Guinea or South America. This makes an absolutely amazing espresso and really shines when brewed with a French press.

Fudge, maple, vanilla bean and black cherry with a wonderfully syrupy, with a sweet finish and a hint of florals. Amazing!