Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Aricha

Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Aricha

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10 oz. whole bean coffee

This is a dry processed coffee, meaning the coffee cherry is picked and laid out on raised beds in the Ethiopian sun. The coffee turns from red to a deep brown color over the course of a couple weeks, when it's ready for final processing. Having the fruit remain on the coffee bean for this extended period of time imparts fruited flavors in the cup, as well as lowers the acidity level and boosts its body.

A very fresh crop from the end of November 2020, from Aricha Kebele in Yirga Cheffe, this grade 1, hand sorted coffee is quite extraordinary. A bright, juicy cup full of strawberry, apricot and tart fruited notes. As the cup cools, expect hints of chocolate covered berries and a long rich finish. 

Roast level:
Light bordering on Medium

Processing method:
Dry processed

Suggested brew method:

Suggested listening:
DOTT 'Swoon'