Ethiopia Wolde Hirbe Natural

Ethiopia Wolde Hirbe Natural

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14oz whole bean coffee

As a member of Adame & Lemicho Farms, Wolde Hire has been cultivating coffee for more than 30 years. His ten acre farm, located in the district of Wenago in the Gedeo Zone within the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region of Ethiopia, is meticulously managed. Wolde’s coffee has been consistently sold as highly coveted micro-lots, which has helped him better support his family of ten, who helps him with the annual harvest.

This is one of the last of the 2020 harvest to arrive due to COVID delays in processing and shipping. Late, but definitely not any less amazing - flavors of complex layered peaches, berries, and floral notes with a creamy body. Wild acidity with juicy peach, lime, blood orange, and even passionfruit! Rounding out the cup are super sweet almond extract, marzipan and maple syrup notes.

This is a very special coffee meant to be treated with care. Brewing as a manual pour over with a V60 or the super cool Origami Dripper is recommended, but any method should yield an absolutely delicious cup or pot of coffee.

Roast level:
Light, almost medium

Processing method:
Natural (dried with cherry intact on raised beds)

Recommended listening:
Automatic 'Signal' album