Ethiopia Cuckoo Sampler 3-Pack
Ethiopia Cuckoo Sampler 3-Pack

Ethiopia Cuckoo Sampler 3-Pack

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Three 8oz bags of whole bean coffee

Ethiopia Dry Process Abiyot Bobea
Fruit, fruit, FRUIT! Strawberry, caramelized pineapple, dehydrated fruits and hazelnut with hints of chocolate. moderate acidity like fruit juice.

Roast level: Light!

Ethiopia Dry Process Mansur Aba Hikam
A full-bodied brew with well-defined acidity, notes of ripe blueberry, fig jam, maple syrup and palm sugar. The acidity level is moderate considering and comes across like fresh fruit juice.

Roast level: Medium/Light

Ethiopia Washed Guji Hambela Dabaye
Impressive sweetness! Raw sugar, cream soda, mild fruited accents of nectarine and lemon, and a touch of clove in aroma. A peach-like acidity helps build out the fruited flavor notes.

Roast Level: Full medium