Ethiopia Kebele Birbissa
Ethiopia Kebele Birbissa

Ethiopia Kebele Birbissa

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12 oz. whole bean coffee

This is another great year for Ethiopia coffee. So many good options, it made picking only a few to focus on extremely difficult. This is an excellent dry-process from the Guji region. Grown at 2000 to 2150 meters above sea level, this coffee is dense and full of flavor and underwent a meticulous sorting process to achieve Grade 1 standards.

As a dry process coffee, it is dried IN the cherry. Unlike wet-process coffees, where the skin and fruit are washed from the seed before drying, dry-process coffees tend to have overt fruit flavors and rounder body, which this coffee is proof of. Heavy-handed fruit flavors like peach, rhubarb and as the coffee cools, a berry-toned cup with accent notes of dried strawberry, cranberry juice and a hint of orange.

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