Ethiopia Hamasho Village
Ethiopia Hamasho Village

Ethiopia Hamasho Village

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10 oz. whole bean coffee

Hurry! Coffee like this doesn't come around often. A coffee to be brewed manually and savored like a fine wine or 15 year old cheddar.

This lot of green coffee sold out in hours and there is a very good reason for that. When I opened the bag the aroma of fruit filled the room. A broad palette of fruit flavors, red raspberry, blueberry, mango, vibrant lemon, peach puree and strawberry Starburst. Seriously, strawberry Starburst!

This dry-processed coffee comes from a privately owned processing site near Hamasho Village, tucked away in the Bombe mountains of Ethiopia's Sidama growing region. Grown at a very high 2,200 meters above sea level, this is super dense coffee - which means: SUPER FLAVORFUL coffee.

Honestly, if you only brew with an automatic drip brewer, I would skip this one. It's meant to be enjoyed as a manual (Chemex, V60 or Kalita Wave) pour over. The only other method that would be interesting would be as espresso, but you have to be willing to sacrifice up to 60g of this delicious coffee dialing it in. But if you have a Decent Espresso machine, I would highly recommend the Rao Allonge profile with a slightly courser grind - an absolute fruit bomb!