Ethiopia Gure Dako Organic

Ethiopia Gure Dako Organic

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14oz. whole bean coffee

"Gure Dako Cooperative is a member of the Kata Muduga Union – a group of the leading coffee cooperatives in the West of Ethiopia, mainly centered around Agaro. Gure Dako, a relatively new member to the Union (only started collecting cherry in 2019) and only boasting less than 100 farmers as of 2021, sits about 6km to the west of Nano Challa Cooperative and represents the Union’s expansion to areas farther from the Agaro base. Gure Dako farmers formerly delivered their cherry to Nano Challa or other nearby stations, but decided to form their own group to limit the difficulty and cost of transporting fresh cherry and to play a stronger role in the cooperative governing structure. Gure Dacko farmers can now more easily access training services from Kata Muduga, and through the Union’s model they receive both a cash payment upon cherry delivery plus a 2nd payment after coffee export."

Flavor notes:
Blood orange, chocolate chip, dried cherry, lime, melon

Roast level:

Processing type:
Fully Washed/Organic

October 2021

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