Ethiopia Dry Processed Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia Dry Processed Yirgacheffe

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10oz. whole bean coffee


This is a dry processed coffee from the Mengesha Farm in the Yirga Cheffe region by coffee farmer Tariku Mengesha and his 10 children. This coffee is made up of only his personal farm coffee. The Mengesha farms span an altitude range of 2020 to 2100 meters above sea level, extremely high for any coffee origin! High altitude slows maturation and increases coffee bean density, which correlates to higher probability of sweetness and acidity - which come through in this coffee.

This is a dry process coffee, meaning the seed is dried inside the whole cherry. This is the oldest processing method, and often leads to fruitier cup flavors, big body, and rounded acidity. 

Incredibly floral in a fruity kind of way, with complex blueberry flavors! Being a natural/dry process, fruits are a big part of the flavor profile, and they have aromatic potency that a really ripe berry gives off. The fragrance and aroma have a scent of dried blueberry along with notes of molasses, browned sugars, and fruits that have a winey ripeness.

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