Ethiopia Bekele Ututtie Natural

Ethiopia Bekele Ututtie Natural

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10oz. whole bean coffee

Bensa Sidama

"In between picking cycles, coffee farmer Bekele Ututtie and his seasonal helpers - 66 of them - process the coffee cherries they just picked. Being a natural-processed coffee means he can do the initial processing at his farmsite rather than carting them to a washing station. They wash and sort, then spread those cherries on raised drying beds, making sure the overall depth is one finger joint or less. And of course, the coffee must be turned periodically so that moisture content remains evenly distributed as it dissipates and the cherries turn a deep red-black. Too much moisture or cherries piled too deeply and not properly turned could result in multiple problems in the coffee’s overall quality."

Fragrant tropical fruits and bright, bittersweet fruit juice - the perfect balance of sweet and tart. The perfect coffee to compliment the anticipation of Spring time!

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