Dominican Republic Organic Ramirez Red Honey

Dominican Republic Organic Ramirez Red Honey

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12oz. whole bean coffee

"From the Ramirez Estate, a certified organic single estate in the Jarbacoaa region of the Dominican Republic. The Ramirez Estate employs over 400 people. Forty percent of the workers are female and many of them are Haitian migrant workers. Workers are paid roughly 300 percent higher wages than Fair Trade standard, and the Estate uses a sizable portion of their profits to create sustainable gas recycling (to reduce emissions), water filtration (to prevent river contamination), and to donate computers and books to many of the local schools."

This coffee was fermented for 24 hours with the coffee cherry intact, and then dried on raised beds for about 15 days. After dried, the coffee was stored with the parchment layer for 12 months. During that period, the coffee seed both absorbs fruit flavors and the cell walls become extremely stable - preventing the aging process to degrade the bean.

Flavor notes
Heavy strawberry and cherry aromas! Hints of cedar, vanilla, chocolate, and ripe stone fruit. Incredibly smooth with a sweet finish.

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