Cuckoo GO! Blend

Cuckoo GO! Blend

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12oz. highly caffeinated whole bean blend


Need a boost? This blend contains 80% high quality, organic Robusta from India. Robusta is a variety of coffee that is considered inferior to Arabica, which is considered "specialty coffee." Robusta is a lower quality variety that grows at lower altitudes and is more disease resistant than Arabica. The main difference in taste is that Robusta is more bitter and lacks the sweetness found in Arabica beans. However, where it lacks in sweetness, it excels in caffeine content - it has nearly double the caffeine as Arabica. Robusta is generally used in instant, and mass-produced coffee. Coffee roasters occasionally add a small amount of Robusta to espresso blends to help increase the amount of crema (and caffeine) in the cup. In fact, the Cuckoo Espresso blend contains about 5% high quality organic Robusta for this reason.

The other component of this blend is a super sweet, fully washed Colombia Rio Chiquito Don Luis. Besides sweetness, it also provides a buttery mouthfeel and hints of raisin and chocolate.

This is an unapologetically dark roast blend meant to be combined with milk and sugar and makes a killer caramel latte! Or for the brave: a double espresso that will keep you going for hours!