Costa Rica Palmichal Honey Cinnamon 4oz. TINY BAG

Costa Rica Palmichal Honey Cinnamon 4oz. TINY BAG

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"After ripe coffee cherries are hand-picked, they’re floated to remove low density cherries. The anaerobic process consists of creating anaerobic fermentations, which basically take place under the absence of air. The team at Palmichal Micro-Mill has built a system to create such fermentations. The tanks are plastic barrels with a valve that allows air to go out but not in. This anaerobic process was pulped and placed in the barrel with all its mucilage and cinnamon powder. Brix context and PH levels are measured before closing the barrel; this allows to decide how many hours will the coffee be kept in the barrels. For this specific coffee, the fermentation was 96 hours. Once the coffee was taken out of the barrels it was placed on African raised beds to dry for 8 days with all its mucilage. After the coffee rested in parchment for two months it was dry milled and sorted by weight, density, size, and color."

This one is really unique! The cinnamon flavor is there, but not overpowering - really delicious!

Sweet and vibrant with cinnamon (duh), brown sugar, apple and notes of black tea.