Costa Rica Palmichal Anaerobic

Costa Rica Palmichal Anaerobic

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12oz. whole bean coffee


Magically delicious! This is an incredible micro-lot from a very well respected coffee farm and mill in Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. The ripe cherries were picked, sorted then sealed in containers for 96 hours:

"The Anaerobic process consists of creating anaerobic fermentations, taking place in the absence of air. The team at Palmichal Micro-Mill built a system to create such fermentations using plastic barrels with a valve that allows air to only escape. This particular anaerobic process was pulped and placed in the barrel with all its mucilage (honey style), fermentin for 96 hours. After fermentation, the coffee dried for 8 days in mucilage."

Flavor profile:
Cinnamon Toast Crunch, raspberry Pop Tarts, roasted nuts and bittersweet chocolate

Roast level:

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Suggested listening:
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