Colombia Sugar Cane Decaf

Colombia Sugar Cane Decaf

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10oz. whole bean coffee


Using the natural sugarcane decaffeination process, (ethyl acetate - a sweet-smelling organic compound derived from sugar cane created during fermentation) this coffee originates from the Andean region’s only decaffeination plant, Descafecol. The plant relies on pure water from the Navado el Ris (a snow-capped volcano resting on the border of Caldas and Tolima) and natural ethyl acetate from sugar cane plants in Palmira, Colombia. From the Trilladora Andes Mill, the coffee’s complete process involves machine-pulping, 6-8 hour fermentation, rinsing and patio-drying for 12 hours, and a final 6-hour drying.

The Decaffeination Process
The raw green beans are steamed at a low pressure in order to remove their silver skins. Then, the beans are swelled and softened with hot water, which starts the caffeine's hydrolysis process––water causes the caffeine to break down and separate from the other compounds. In the next step, the ethyl acetate circulates through the beans until at least 97% of the caffeine is removed. Saturated steam is applied at low pressure to remove the ethyl acetate in the final processing stages. The coffee beans are then cooled to ambient temperature, surrounded by fans, and polished to protect the beans from humidity. The coffee beans are vacuum-dried in drums to ensure water removal and bring moisture levels to less than 12%.

Smooth, creamy body with layers of sweet chocolate and ripe fruit flavors. A great after-dinner coffee.

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