Colombia Sudan Rume Natural

Colombia Sudan Rume Natural

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8oz. whole bean coffee

Discovered in 1940, the Sudan Rume is a variety of Arabica  coffee that was originally found in a wild state in the mountain forests of Marsabit in the Boma Plateau in East Africa, in the south-east of the Sudan near the border with Ethiopia. This variety is known to be resistant to the coffee cherry disease. It is an exceptionally rare coffee variety with a beautiful flavor profile. As the harvest can be incredibly small, this coffee is a classic case of quality over quantity.

This coffee is very fragrant with notes of cardamom and sweet spice, and abundance of floral notes. This is a unique coffee with an amazing flavor profile that you will not come across very often.

This tastes like a combination of Ethiopian coffee and Yemeni coffee - sweet, fruity yet complex with old world depth. Notes of strawberry, sangria, lemonade and a bouquet of florals along with a touch of maple syrup and cardamom. Wow!

Farm Bio
La Riviera - A farm of experiences and sensations, selected as a producer of one of the best exotic coffees in Colombia. Finca La Riviera is a mixture of talents for the selection of the best beans, the respect and assurance of each process, as well as the commitment to bring to the table, a unique cup of coffee with aromas and flavors that express in the palate all the complexity, the beauty of the landscape and the coffee culture.