Colombia Red Plum

Colombia Red Plum

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8 oz. whole bean coffee


From Diego Bermudez's farm, El Paraiso in the Peindamó municipality of Cauca, Colombia. This coffee went through two fermentations, both anaerobic. The first was for 28 hours in cherry casks, at a regulated temperature between 5-10℃, the coffee was then depulped, and fermented again for 40 hours in it’s own mucilage. Fermentation was stopped at the chosen PH levels with a “thermal shock” using cold water to stop the fomentation instantly.

This is one of those rare coffees that can surprise casual drinkers, and the most experienced coffee geeks. Expect an explosion of fresh fruits, most notably strawberry (strawberry lollipop), blueberry liquor, with some melon and sweet cherry with a finish that is delicate with hints of florals. This is competition level coffee that is meant to be brewed with care. Buy some and geek out on some of the best coffee Colombia has to offer!

Roast level:
Light medium

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