Colombia Narvaez Victoria Anaerobic

Colombia Narvaez Victoria Anaerobic

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10oz. whole bean coffee


This coffee is a double anaerobic fermentation that spent 24 hours fermenting in the coffee cherry and another 110 hours fermenting after it is pulped. It's truly a unique and beautiful coffee that brings out sweet notes of strawberry and red fruits that are difficult to find in Colombian coffees. This makes an incredible espresso shot!

Espresso profile for Decent Espresso Machines:
Colombia Narvaez Victoria (zip)

About the farm:
The Narvaez Victoria family is an incredible producing family from Caldas. Doña Patricia is the main boss of the farm and runs the whole show. It's absolutely incredible the way she has managed to build her farm from producing commercial coffees to now producing some of Caldas, Colombia's best specialty coffee lots. The farm is considered small but the Narvaez Victoria family is not afraid to take risks to achieve the highest possible quality each harvest.

Flavor notes:
Sweet, fruity (apple, strawberry) and because of the anaerobic process, winey - like a Sirah. This is a really vibrant, delicious coffee that you might not believe is from Colombia.

Roast level:
Almost medium