Colombia Melange

Colombia Melange

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16oz. whole bean coffee

A blend, or melange, of three remarkable Colombian coffees. Two from a small town called Jerico in Antioquia and one from the Nariño region. All three are products of small farms with impeccable quality standards. The predominant flavors are chocolate and sweet caramel with slightly fruity acidic notes to add balance to the cup.

Individual components:

Madre Laura natural
Ripe blackberry and tropical fruit juice, some critic acidity of fresh lime, a hint of earl grey tea, and a lingering finish of dark chocolate.

Madre Laura washed
Sweet caramel and milk chocolate, and the fruity acidity of tangerine and lime. 

Narino la Union washed
Tons of rich body and a sweetness of caramel and honey, juiciness of citrus and mango, with a finish of chocolate covered almonds and cola.

Roast level:

Recommended brew method:
Standard drip brewer

Recommended listening:
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