Colombia Finca La Paz

Colombia Finca La Paz

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10 oz. whole bean experimental coffee

Grown, meticulously picked and hand sorted by Juan Francisco Alfonzo Ortiz Sepulveda and his family on the Finca La Paz coffee farm in Chachagüí, Nariño, Colombia.

This unique coffee is a macerated natural. The coffee cherries are sealed and cured in an airtight environment to macerate for 4 days. The effect of the curing stage creates a concentrated tartness in the final cup with hints of pickled plum or cherry syrup. The coffee is then dried on raised beds and finished in a mechanical dryer.

This experimental process along with being grown at a high elevation contributes to it tasting like dessert wine, dried cherry, and chocolate. This one really shines as a pour over - expect a very clean, juicy and sweet tasting cup with flavors of mango, peach, watermelon candy, and dark chocolate.

Get weird!

Do not miss out on this one!

Roast level:

Recommended brew method:
V60 or Chemex

Suggested listening:
"Losing Something" Lost Girls