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Colombia El Tiple Supremo

Colombia El Tiple Supremo

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16oz. whole bean coffee


From the Hulia region of Colombia. Grown at 1800m in a unique micro-climate in rich, fertile soil that promotes flavors only found in Colombian coffee. This one is a super tasty, full-bodied brew that is spot on Amaretto! It tastes great on its own, but it even better with a splash of cream. This makes a great espresso - just lower your water temp. to 192-194°F for best results.

The Tiple is an instrument used in traditional Colombian music.
Supremo is the term used for the largest size coffee bean in Colombia.

Amaretto! Rich chocolate flavor accented by cherry and almond. Great full bodied coffee.


Recommended brew method:
French Press

Suggested listening:
"Moonlight Serenade" Ella Fitzgerald