Colombia Don Conrado

Colombia Don Conrado

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12oz. whole bean coffee

In the mountains of Jerico, Antioquia, Don Conrado has pedigree in coffee farming. He grew up learning the ropes by watching his dad every day on his coffee farm. He purchased his farm, Santa Cecilia over 46 years ago now, and closely began converting it from the wild forest and pastures to the flourishing coffee farm it has become.

This coffee depulped immediately after picking, and begins fermenting straight away. Being the result of two days of picking, half of the coffee ferments for 37 hours, while the other half ferments for 13 hours. Everything is then washed clean by running it down fresh water canals, which have barriers in place to separate out both rocks and low density coffee parchment. After this, the coffee is brought out to patios and dried slowly in the sun.

Flavor notes: 
Mango, white grape, honey sweetness and lime, with a finish of bakers chocolate and brown sugar.

Roast level:

Recommended brew method:
Clever Dripper

Suggested listening:
"Sundowning" Tape Waves