Colombia Asprotimana
Colombia Asprotimana

Colombia Asprotimana

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Colombia’s Huila coffee growing region produce some of the most dynamic, complex profiles in Latin America. Small farmers represent the vast majority of Huila’s production, and this cooperative structure has been enormously effective in bringing their coffees to the specialty market. There are currently 850 farmers that contribute to the cooperative by bringing their coffee to a centralized location to be processed and shared with the world.

Because of this, there are multiple varietals of beans in this coffee, including: Caturra, Bourbon, Gesha, Castillo, and Colombia native. This variety gives this coffee well balanced flavor and is a real gem in the Latin American coffee market.

A delightfully heavy body and dark berry and cocoa sweetness hit you from the first sip. As the coffee cools, dates, raisin, berry jam and orange peel can be tasted in the cup. This is a wonderful coffee that needs to be tasted on its own, but holds up well with milk and sugar.

Roast level: Medium/City
Process: Washed
Varietals: Caturra, Bourbon, Gesha, Castillo, and Colombia native

Whole bean coffee.