Brazil Fazenda Vila Boa Anaerobic

Brazil Fazenda Vila Boa Anaerobic

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10oz. whole bean coffee


This coffee is a single estate offering from farmer Monica Borges de Sousa, it’s a single varietal of an anaerobically fermented natural Yellow Bourbon. Fazenda Vila Boa, a Rainforest Alliance certified as well as Carbon Positive coffee farm, started in 1988 after Monica inherited 90 hectares (222 acres) of land from her father; Vila Boa has now grown to an area of 378 hectares producing 10,000 bags/year, featuring several different coffee varietals including Yellow Bourbon as well as Red Bourbon, Topaz, Arara, and Geisha. Monica is blazing a trail in the Brazil coffee community and this is a prime example of what she is producing.

Brazilian coffee is nearly always natural processed, but it never tastes like an Ethiopian natural. Brazil naturals tend to be chocolatey and nutty, not fruity. However, this is the cleanest, sweetest, fruitiest Brazil I’ve ever tasted without any of that harsh, fermenty flavor you can get from carelessly processed anaerobic coffee. This is unlike any Brazilian coffee you’ve ever tasted - don't miss this one!

Notes of tropical fruit punch, guava, cane syrup and cocoa powder. Great balance along with gentle brightness, a nice full body and a smooth, silky texture. And of course, we didn’t detect any of that harsh, fermenty flavor you can get from carelessly processed anaerobics. For the price of this coffee, it’s a mind-blowing value, don’t miss it!

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